The red line through the activities of WBC is wireless communication technology. 

JPS Interoperability Solutions

Communicate during a crisis … immediately, seamlessly and securely
JPS Interoperability Solutions Inc. provides products and solutions for interoperability and radio communication enhancement. With years of experience the RoIP solutions are the most reliable in the market place. 
The signal voters SNV are used all over the world.

WBC Technologies serves as representative for Western Europe.

JPS Interop has a number of well known products which can be used for a wide spread of applications:

  • ACU-1000
  • ACU-M
  • ARA-1
  • NXU-2A
  • SNV-12
Further we can provide users with a large number of standard interconnection cables or custom built.

Measuring Services

 With the aid of our test equipment and the long time experience of measuring quantities in the field and in a lab (among other in a Metrology Standard Lab) we provide measuring services for fault finding issues, verification, performance testing and antenna cable performance testing 

DC Voltage  : 0.1V to 1000V
DC Current  : 1 uA to 600A
AC Voltage  : 1 mV - 1000V @ 10Hz to 100 kHz
RF Power    : 1 uW to 200W @ 10 kHz to 1 GHz

Further VSWR, Return-loss, Attenuation, Distortion, Spectrum, IM, Frequency, Time, Inductance, resistance, Capacitance.

DC Voltage  : 0.1V to 1000V
DC Current  : 1uA to 160A
AC Voltage  : 1mV to 10V @ 10Hz to 100kHz
RF Power    : -100 dBm to 13 dBm @ 10kHz to 1GHz

Signals with AM, FM, Video (Baseband and RF) and Pulse modulation,