WBC focuses on wireless communication technology. Beside the user infrastructure also the antenna systems and the prevention of interference between several systems is part of our expertise. Specialized in shipboard systems. Also land based systems, mainly military or public safety systems are developed and put into operation.

Shipboard Antenna System Design

Antenna systems on board of ships, naval or commercial, are always a result of compromise. Naval rules has to be followed, but also interference and reliable communications over large distances has to be taken in consideration. WBC Innovations has developed methods and tools to be able to determine the best location of antennas on the top side deck of a ship. Also the maximum exposure of humans to Electro Magnetic (EM) fields is taken in consideration.

EMC/EMI Issues

Reliable operation of electrical, communication and control systems on board of a ship is essential.

To determine the influence of different systems at each other, we need to define, design, implement, check and test. This is the core competence of WBC. We have more then 30 years experience in the field of implementing electronic systems on board of ships. Proper design with EMC/EMI as a guideline improves quality and reliability of operational systems on board. Based on a risk based approach we can assist shipbuilders to make their ships more reliable.