Who is WBC Technologies?

WBC is a small business company that specializes in the field of shipping electro systems with an emphasis on antenna systems and EMC related issues. 
WBC Technologies provides knowledge, solutions and services for mainly shipboard navigation- and communications systems and EMC related issues.

Shipboard Electrical Systems

With more than 40 years of experience in maintenance, calibration and repair of electronic systems, test equipment and radio systems, EMC-related problems on shipboard systems are not unfamiliar territory. Both EMC related challenges above deck and below deck can count on a structured approach to reduce EMC related interference.
EMC System design starts with the requirement analyses of the ship and with a risk based approach the whole EMC process is controlled and verified.

WBC Technologies offers an e-learning system where all involved parties, from sales, project managers, engineering, commissioning and field service can learn from the experience gathered in the past years.

Integrated Top Side Design

Integrated Top Side Design (ITD), in addition to system definition, system engineering and system verification of these complex systems, is part of our core business. Using specially designed tools, the optimal location of antennas on the topside of a ship is determined.

With the safety communication GMDSS as the highest priority together with navigation lights an antenna plan is designed.
In a report the possible interference, antenna coupling and radiation hazards are determined.
As an additional service WBC can check the installation on-site for correct operation. Measurements on coax cables, cable runs, field strengths and interference can be carried out.

Radio Communication Solutions

Designing radio communication systems both military and commercial are not unknown territory. We have extensive experience with the integration of HF, VHF and UHF, LTE, WiFi and Satcom into a complete working whole. Together with our partners JPS Interoperability systems and AirSys Benelux (We hold a MOTOROLA Solution Certification as WAVE 5000 Sales and Technical Professional) we are able to propose a tailor made solution.