WBC Companies are driven by technology. We provide our customers with state of the art ideas, products and solutions in the field of shipboard, radio communication, EMC and signal intelligence.


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The Pollux Intercom system is the latest development of WBC Technologies. Started as a start-up activity based on market research and requests. The Pollux system is a small intercom system based on commercial available components with special developed application software.

See the Pollux Page for more information. 

WBC Technologies has the focus on inter operable radio communication solutions. We specialize in Radio over IP (RoIP). Together with our partners JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc. and WAVE of Motorola Solutions we can have RoIP solutions from one link to multiple world wide links. Providing interface solutions for legacy radio's to the modern IP based systems. See the links on the sidebar of this page for more detailed information.

WBC Innovations provides knowledge, solutions and systems for mainly shipboard navigation- and communications systems and EMC related issues. System definition, integration, installation and setting to work of these complex systems is our core business.

WBC Innovations BV holds a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA)